Selected Transactions


Sale of New York Headquarters 590 Madison Avenue
Park Avenue Tower – 65 East 55th Street
The Continental Towers – 51 Harbor Plaza – Stamford, Connecticut
33 Maiden Lane, NYC

Conde Nast

Headquarters / 4 Times Square

Random House

Headquarters 201 East 50th Street, aka 825 Third Avenue

Chancellor Capital Corp.

Headquarters / 1166 Avenue of the Americas

Wells Rich Green

Headquarters 11 Madison Avenue


Headquarters 1133 Avenue of the Americas


Headquarters 550 Madison Avenue (AT&T Building)

Headquarters at 555 Madison Avenue

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Headquarters – 1 World Trade Center

Leased and Sold 622 Third Avenue

Newsweek, Inc.

Headquarters 251 West 57th Street

AON Group

Headquarters 2 World Trade Center

Equitable Life Assurance

Headquarters 195 Broadway

Ziff Davis

Headquarters 28 East 28th Street

Wunderman Worldwide (a division of Young & Rubicam)

Headquarters 675 Avenue of the Americas

New Yorker Magazine

Headquarters 20 West 43rd Street

The Tribune Companies

Headquarters 220 East 42nd Street

Time Warner

Headquarters 1221 Avenue of the Americas

Digital Equipment Corporation

Headquarters 1 Liberty Plaza

Rollins Hudick Hall

Headquarters 2 World Trade Center

Parade Magazine

Headquarters 711 Third Avenue

Warnaco Inc.

Headquarters 90 Park Avenue

Leslie Fay Companies

Headquarters 1412 Broadway

Columbia House

Headquarters 1221 Avenue of the Americas

Burson Marstellar

Headquarters 230 Park Avenue South

Griffin Bacal

Headquarters 130 Fifth Avenue

Young & Rubicam

Headquarters 285 Madison Avenue

Integrated Resources

Headquarters 10 Union Square East

Headquarters – Schwab Capital Markets

34 Exchange Place, Jersey City, NJ

Leucadia National Corporation

685 Third Avenue
Leased and Sold for Leucadia

Park Tower Group

535 Madison Avenue

Columbia House

1221 Avenue of the Americas


51 West 52nd Street

U.S. Post Office

Bank of Montreal

Headquarters 430 Park Avenue
Headquarters 3 Times Square
Headquarters 2 Wall Street

Bank of Nova Scotia

Headquarters 1 Liberty Plaza
Headquarters 80 Pine Street

Bank of Panama

Headquarters 499 Park Avenue

First Bank of Chicago

NY Headquarters – 590 Madison Avenue

Midland Montague

Headquarters 156 East 56th Street (City Spire)


590 Madison Avenue

Federal Reserve Bank

Headquarters at 33 Maiden Lane

Royal Bank of Canada

1 Liberty Plaza

Dominion Securities

32 Old Slip

Citibank, N.A.

Citicorp Center

Broadway Housing Communities

Rockefeller Foundation

Memorial Sloan Kettering

The Conference Board

Children’s Mental Health Alliance

The Witcoff Organization

Federal Reserve Bank
Headquarters at 33 Maiden Lane

Memorial Sloan Kettering

In sale of Condo interest to
866 Third Avenue

The CBS Building

51 West 52nd Street

The Minskoff Organization

Sale of 590 Madison Avenue (IBM Building) to Minskoff and as Exclusive Leasing Agent, leased the building on behalf of Minskoff Organization

The Durst Organization

1133 Avenue of the Americas
201 E. 50th Street aka 825 Third Avenue

Cali Realty & Garden State Development

Representing American Financial Exchange
Jersey City, NJ – 2 million sq. ft.

Broad Financial Center

33 Whitehall Street

Leucadia National Corporation

685 Third Avenue (Leased & Sold)

City Spire Leasing Agency

Midland Montagu
156 East 56th Street

Blue Cross / Blue Shield

622 Third Avenue

Park Tower Group

Leasing of 535 Madison Avenue

590 Madison Avenue

Sale of Headquarters IBM Building

65 East 55th Street

Park Avenue Tower – Joint Venture Equity Transaction

550 Madison Avenue

AT&T Building to SONY

2540 Broadway

641 6th Avenue

250 Park Avenue South

685 Third Avenue Leased and Sold for Leucadia National Corporation

220 West 42nd Street

Candler Building

622 Third Avenue

Blue Cross/Blue Shield